O'Sensei Collins and James Stoddard in Seattle - karenzukai association
O’Sensei Collins and James Stoddard in Seattle

Founded by Dr. Bernard Collins, the Karenzukai Karate Association fosters unity, knowledge, strength and fighting ability. The Karenzukai Association seeks to improve the collection communication and the sharing of knowledge between the schools that utilize Okuno-ryu as part of their teaching. The current head of the Karenzukai Association, Mr. James Stoddard, welcomes all students, peers and inquires through this website in order to further build the historical base of information fostered by Dr. Collins.

Thank you for your interest in the history, lineage and pursuit of the Karenzukai Association and the styles that comprise parts of its foundation. We hope that you find the information here valuable to your personal development and welcome you to contact us at your leisure as we are always seeking more knowledge to cultivate both our growth and the continually changing martial art landscape.

There are as many reasons to study martial arts as there are people. Even so, all will find that there are many things that are taught, that are of great value for life in general. Included, but not limited to: self-discipline, physical conditioning, mental discipline, self-confidence, stress reduction, self defense skills and many, many others. It is often said that a dojo is a miniature world and this is why so many of life’s lessons are learned, and taught, inside its walls. If you have chosen to study martial arts, do so with serious dedication. Be prepared to learn a lot about yourself. Do you best, for on one can ask more.

“The dojo is the place where courage is fostered and superior human nature is bred through the ecstasy of seating in hard work. It is the sacred place where the human spirit is polished.”
-Shoshin Nagamine

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