Seibukan Patch

Seibukan PatchMeaning of the Seibukan Patch

Sei-Bu-Kan: House of the Holy Art
Sho-Rin-Ryu: Small Forest Style
Kara-Te-Do: Empty Hand Way

Unbroken Inner Circle – Protect and uphold the honor of the Seibukan School and the ways of karate.

Two Heavy Broken Circles – Representing two opposing forces.

Four Same Size Arrowheads – Represent Master Zenryo Shimabukuro and your Sensei extending their hands between two opposing forces to maintain peace.

Large Arrowhead at the Bottom – Points to the word ‘Bu’ in middle of the patch, which also means ‘Shield.’ Karate should be used in the manner of a shield.

Shape of Patch – Symbolizes the full moon, serenity, tranquility and romance at heart.

Color of Patch:
Black – Mystery
Yellow – Beauty and Richness
Red – Bravery and Courage