Inochi Maru Dojo

Door to Inochi Maru DojoThe Inochi Maru Dojo
Located in the beautiful Mt. Washington Valley of New Hampshire the Inochi Maru Dojo is dedicated to teaching and preserving the history and traditions of many styles rooted in Okuno-ryu. We welcome any and all to visit our dojo!

Our Instructors:
Mr. James Stoddard
Renshi Master Gary E. Brooks
Renshi Alisa Wong
Sensei Richard Swaim
Sensei Christopher Wong

Explanation of Patch:
This is a short description and explanation of the meaning behind the Inochi Maru Dojo patch worn by some participants. There are many other meanings behind the Japanese words and we encourage you to explore them on your own, these are what we have found to be helpful.

Inochi Maru Patch