Below you’ll find many galleries related to the history of the Karenzukai Karate Association, the Inochi Maru Dojo, Okuno-ryu and Dr. Bernard Collins.

A Night of Training

A collection of training photos from a random night at the Inochi Maru Dojo in New Hampshire. Participants include James Stoddard, Gary E. Brooks, Christopher Wong, Alisa Wong, Richard Swaim, Pierre Rogers, Joshua Leavitt and photographs by James Wieland.

Dr. Collins

A collection of different photos from over Dr. Bernard Collins life. Participants include Dr. Bernard Collins, James Stoddard, Nick Spaltro, Alex Levin and John Rice.

Inochi Maru Dojo

A collection of old photos of the many participants of the Inochi Maru Dojo. Participants are very numerous, but include James Stoddard, Gary E. Brooks, the Kwoon Dojo, the School of Movement, 2005 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Billy Blanks, Fumio Demura, David Bunch and Grandmaster Zulu.


Historical photos of the Seibukan.

More History

Other lineage members associated with the foundation of the Karenzukai Karate Association and Dr. Bernard Collins.