Okuno-ryu Creed

The Okuno-ryu Creed

I know that as a Karateka my Sensei has trusted me with his knowledge for my protection as well as for those who cannot protect themselves. I will not abuse that knowledge for it would bring discredit to my Sensei and Okuno-ryu. I will always work to develop my mind, body and spirit as one; for that is Okuno-ryu.

Okuno-ryu is the art of self-defense, devastating when used properly, but anyone can be violent. It takes a confident and disciplined individual to be tranquil. I, as a Karateka of Okuno-ryu, will not at any time, commit an act of violence, unless as a last resort in self-defense or the defense of others . . . for that is the way of Okuno-ryu.

-Dr. Bernard Collins, Founder of Okuno-ryu